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40Cr steel market prices fell again, the market shipments light


40Cr steel market prices fell again, the market shipments light. The first two days of the callback finishing, a lot of 40Cr steel market prices are good. Pipe factory, although the price is stable, but the actual transaction price is still relatively large space. Whole steel city reproduction weak pattern.


Market, although the upstream firm to wait and see, but due to poor delivery, the price of local 40Cr steel plate again fell. The merchant reaction this year "golden nine silver ten" fall, many businesses have begun a large inventory price upside down, traders pessimistic attitude, the whole market is generally not optimistic about the market outlook. So in terms of operation, the current traders seem to be very cautious, mainly based on delivery. If the raw material side does not appear obvious changes in the short term 40Cr steel plate market prices or temporary stability operation.


The grim situation of the current 40Cr steel industry will continue to supply more than the contradictions will be more prominent, steel enterprises should be prepared to do a good job in long-term response to the difficulties.


He also said that in the current 40Cr steel market situation, conventional measures have been unable to effectively respond to market challenges, we must continue to adjust business strategies, innovative ideas and methods, in the financial, real estate, futures and other areas to think about the problem, to find a way out. Anshan Iron And Steel Group Corporation chairman, general manager Yao Lin on the use of futures tools to support business also expressed recognition. He said, to strengthen the market development efforts, to do a good job in the adjustment, capital and futures work, expand the profit space. Our company continues to provide customers with the best quality service, and strive to build the largest 40Cr steel production base in East china. Our company in the "pursuit of customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal" business philosophy and "quality first, honesty" the principle of service, will be quality products and sincere service to look forward to the new and old customers to visit. To know more about the company, please log in to www.cnlacewig.com

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