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According to the analysis, Nong'an 35MN plate market prices stabilize rebound, the downstream demand has also been the release of a certain, turnover has markedly improved. Overall, the market is not the same as the market to pull up, mostly to take the edge of the sale strategy, in the stimulation of the release of the demand, but also to observe the sustainability of demand and sales.


"The price decline has for a long time, there is a will, confidence is insufficient," this is a reflection of the current domestic steel market. Affected by the strong earthquake in Japan, some steel traders on the market outlook is expected to change, the market is in a long time, looking forward to the mentality of the recent domestic steel prices rebound. But the fundamental contradiction between the steel city has not fundamentally ease, market outlook will continue to consolidate.


According to monitoring agency, affected by the earthquake in Japan, Nong'an 35MN plate export some businesses expectations improved, together with the steel forward price goes high continuously, steel spot market prices have stabilized prices. A market participants such comment, after the early sustained price decline, steel city will rise to start strengthening. "Just by a chance the rapid price increases."


At present, the pressure of domestic inflation in all walks of life, and the tight monetary policy has become a major means of government regulation. Under the high inflation pressure, the further increase in interest rates and increase the deposit reserve ratio is almost a consensus. Some experts predict that by the 3 quarter, the central bank will raise interest rates again, by the end of 2015, the deposit reserve ratio will be raised three times. But in the second half with the increase in the pressure of inflation, monetary policy tightening and frequency will also significantly slow down. Tightening the financial side, especially for loans to small and medium-sized enterprises bring no small impact, especially in Nong'an 35MN steel plate steel mills and steel trader.


In fact, many businesses are not optimistic about the current rally, think the market turnover has to pick up, but is still limited to low-cost resources, the weak support for the market. If the steel price up only on the basis of a long time down looking forward to the mentality of the state of mind, based on the momentum of sustained, there is still a risk of falling.


In the small and medium enterprises shortage of money also, some provinces also appeared in a rare off-season shortage, and early warning of the shortage has been in 35MN steel circulation market set off waves of. Steel production capacity remains high, so now get brownouts policy speculation factors is still large, journalists believe that in the market for due to power rationing and supply reduction in the ability to exceed demand reduction remain skeptical of, steel prices to rise significantly.


Therefore, the short term price of 35MN steel Nong'an high consolidation situation is difficult to break. Whether it is up or down the breakthrough trend is difficult to appear. And in June and July for steel market, high temperature and rainy seasonal factors will also be in a certain extent affect demand release, in the "power shortage" is not the real impact of steel production, the policy is still too empty case, the possibility of domestic steel market rally is almost zero, period but there will be a wave of decline in the probability of larger and three months since the market price of real adjustment. Know more about the company, please visit www.cnlacewig.com

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