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Data show that in August the steel industry PMI is a continuation of the rebound in July, to 3.7, up 44.7% percentage points from the previous month, showing a positive change in the previous downturn began to appear, the new orders index and the production index rose to nearly four month high. But the PMI index of iron and steel industry has been continuous 17 months in 50% below the line ups and downs, Yinchuan 20Mn steel plate industry boom degrees downturn situation still continues.


Yinchuan 20Mn steel stocks in the past eight consecutive weeks after the decline, the first rise in the first week, the current inventory levels fell by 11.82% over the same period last year. Steel stocks from the construction point of view, last week, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other major market stocks increased in full, showing the market turnover during the festival, the market supply pressure.


Insiders said that with the resumption of work site in North China, coupled with the current market in the traditional shopping season is expected to Yinchuan 20Mn steel inventory will be re transferred to drop channel.


However, the recent steady growth in the country policy again force. Adjustment of the State Council and improve the proportion of fixed assets capital investment projects, three ministries jointly issued notice provident fund loans to buy two suites the minimum down payment ratio fell to 2%, the Ministry of finance increase support for PPP projects and policies underpinning economic action has been becoming more and more frequent, especially in the second half of the investment in infrastructure or has become an important starting point for steady growth.


Analysts said some steel mills to resume production, while the construction site of the pre shutdown will resume work, the market overall supply and demand will not change much. However, the domestic economy is facing downward pressure is still large, at the same time, the international financial market turmoil situation still continues, confidence in the domestic market is generally weak. Expected short-term Yinchuan 20Mn steel will continue to be dominated by weak finishing.


"At present, the cost of steel prices have some support, iron ore price performance continues to be stronger than the 20Mn steel price, but the weak pattern of mine strong steel and can not continue, so steel prices will maintain the performance of the partial."


Analysts pointed out that the domestic and foreign markets this week will usher in a series of heavy data. These data intensive release will set off a huge earthquake in commodity markets.


According to statistics, the reporter, these data include: trade data on Tuesday will be the first to debut, it may show that import and export again in August fell. Then the focus will shift to the August inflation figures in China on Thursday, and the data on industry, investment, consumption and investment in real estate development will be announced on Sunday. In addition, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Korea's central bank [microblogging] conference held in succession, the same can not be ignored. Know more about the company, please visit www.cnlacewig.com


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