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From Yiyang 40Cr steel shopping malls, the price of the whole stable, a few specifications rose slightly. The morning after the informal way to get a pre order price in July told 15mm, which raised 200 yuan / ton. Wuhan Iron and steel has not been an early increase in the price of the fire caused by the rise of the mall to bring the effect, the price of Yiyang 40Cr steel plate still continue to maintain a shake up the format.
Reporter from today the opening of the market point of view, the screw slightly high opened after the shock upstream, Tangshan billet yesterday afternoon after the increase of 10 yuan / ton, this morning, the mainstream price weak stability in 3250 yuan / ton, spot market of lower grade resources continued to move up, businesses reflect early telephone inquiry is a few days ago slightly increased. According to the NDRC indicated that urbanization plans in the short term can not be introduced, combined with the time in the north area of the field construction rarely, southern workers returning tide fade, large-scale real estate construction and railway construction started or demand ratio and after the Spring Festival, the preliminary speculation popular genre but now as the mall poured a pot of cold water. Fortunately, the late steel prices of steel support, and the market outlook for the trend to the good, making the short-term Yiyang 40Cr steel market prices will not show a sharp decline in the situation.
Overall, the current Yiyang 40Cr steel market has been organized by the end of the holiday season, the number of businesses will be reduced this week, the store is going to break down, about next week shopping malls, some businesses have shown that can follow the number of businesses to cut, the difficulty of resource acquisition, the price is likely to exist. To know more about the company, please log in to www.cnlacewig.com

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